Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Documenting the Lies on Fitzmas Eve

Arianna Huffington has a great post this evening outlining the lies of Plamegate. It's a must read.

Plamegate: Worse Than Watergate

The reason why Cheney, Rove, and Libby were so aggressive in attacking anyone who questioned their rationale for war is because, by the summer of 2003, it was becoming embarrassingly clear how wrong they had been about Iraq -- wrong about WMD, wrong about flowers thrown at our feet, wrong about the cost of the war.

Had their incompetence not been so grotesquely manifest, there would have been no need for the attack on Wilson -- and the resulting coverup -- that has now landed them all in such legal hot water.

If Rove and Libby are indeed indicted (adding Cheney to our Merry Fitz-mas gift list would just be getting greedy), I believe it will shake up our government in a way we haven't seen since Watergate...

After getting a fumbling cipher like George W. Bush elected president, the powers-behind-the-throne must have believed they were untouchable and could get away with anything -- including lying about WMD, outing a CIA agent, and, perhaps, lying to a special prosecutor.

Like Nixon, their mindset was "if you try to get in our way we'll destroy you." (See how quickly those keep-us-safe national security guys were willing to jeopardize an intelligence asset in the name of covering their asses.) And their hubris caused them to over-reach.

You really have to read this whole article. It's Fitzmas Eve, and I've just given you a gift to lick your lips over. Go read.


Anonymous Nim said...

Great article. Now we just need that sort of narrative to make its way outside of Blogistan and into the old media.

Amazingly enough, this almost seems to be happening. It's fun to finally have some good news after 5 years of insanity.

8:17 AM  

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