Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Orionids

In honor of the Orionid Meteor Showers, which are associated with Comet Halley and are occuring right now, from October 15 - 29th, I offer some advice for star gazing, as well as the lyrics to one of my favorite Sons of the Never Wrong songs. This song is more like poetry (it won't be a habit of mine to post song lyrics on a regular basis).

This year, the Orionids will peak at around 20 meteors per hour at about 5:00 AM EDT on Friday, October 21, with potential for good viewing on Saturday, the 22nd, as well. Best viewing will probably be around 1:00 AM on Friday morning. Unfortunately, this year, the waning gibbous moon will interfere with viewing of some of the meteors.

It's best to observe meteor showers between 12:00 AM and dawn from a clear, dark location with a good horizon. The meteors will appear out of the constellation of Orion the hunter in the high, eastern sky.

I post this for a very cosmic reason: to witness, with your own eyes, the magic of a shooting star is the harbinger of good luck, prosperity, and love!


Just on the edge of the universe
are comets in waiting
they're anticipating
a star flying by

and with enough gravitational pull ~
this ain't no bull ~
a random encounter with time

and that's me
I'm one of those comets
and that's you
you're one of those stars
and that's love sometimes
it's lost in heaven so close but so far away

Time thought that love was the true redeemer
And love thought that time healed all
And sorrow said let me clear up the matter
All hearts like stars sometimes fall
falling from grace for the first time
or just falling rain
falling in love
the spirits remember
what the heart can only explain

that's me
a lonely planet
that's you old William Blake
and that's love sometimes
lost in heaven
god's first and his last mistake

and that's me
one of those comets
you're one of those stars
and that's love sometimes
lost in heaven
so close but so far away

Just on the edge of the universe
are comets in waiting.....

words & music © 1999 Sue Demel (BMI)

This song is absolutely breathtaking, and if you get the chance, you can find it on Sons of the Never Wrong's "One if by Hand" Cd. I'd post an audio clip, but I can't find one on the Internet.


Blogger BlakNo1 said...

Sheesh, I'm glad I don't get that kind of crap spam on my blog. Then again, I hardly ever udpdate.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Vicki said...

blakno1 ~

I need to turn on the spam filter, I do believe!

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Barndog said...

Aw christ on toast! See why I let someone else worry about running the store, and I'll just do some of the blogging?

Or, isn't this an internets magazine or, online journal of all things progressive and henceforth bohemian type?

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Anonymous TheaLogie said...

Eh, just needs one of these bot-proof message validation thingees.

Hope anyone who does spot the Orionids takes pictures. NY is too light-polluted (the Great White Way being a key offender) and at the mo too clouded over for stargazing.

8:58 AM  

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