Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday Poetry Blogging, Part Deux

Thought I'd share one of my own poems.

Your Recovery
by Vicki Stein, 2002

You are water, smooth evening glass
Mirroring my heart, my soul
Me, I’m the tide in uncharted seas
And you ebb as the moon pulls my flow.

We are kaleidoscope, endlessly changing
In radiance, colors, geometry
Your heart, mirrors reflecting light
The rubble of bright glass, me.

I am meadow, summertime flowers
Sun-kissed, reaching toward you, Sky
Craving your light, baptized by rain
Waiting for clouds to pass by.

We are crystal, finely crafted
From sand, fire, air and jewel
I am the magic of each facet
The brilliant light shines through you.

You are water, fast river running
Free flowing, cresting in recovery
As your journey hastens, spills into ocean
Will the mouth of your waters be me?


Halt. Stop. Run! Flee!!
Love in ascension terrifies me like a
Fall from Everest to the depths of the sea!
If I let my heart go will I plunge into "we?"
(Happy with you for eternity!) ~
Or drown in my version of reality
Failing to view honestly
The reconstruction of Zachary?


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